Today I released the first version of Buildcloth which is a tool that I've been using at work to programatically (and in some cases) dynamically generate build systems (i.e. Makefiles.)


It's obviously been "production ready" in some sense for a while, but I recently finished the API documentation, and a lot of the infrastructure for packaging and distribution, so it seemed like this was a good starting point.

The initial idea was basically that while Make syntax can be really powerful, in a number of situations:

  • to specify conditional elements,
  • to generate build targets and procedures based on system configuration or project state,
  • for large numbers similar of targets, and
  • for build with where single targets have a group of related rules,

defining build systems programatically ends up producing a much more reliable and maintainable build system. The wins are pretty big in terms of maintainability, clarity, and flexibility.

The idea, and naming, is sort of: do what fabric does for shell scripts and deployment but for build system generators. Maybe this is exactly what you're looking for.

More Information

Check it out:

Bugs go here, and patches/pull requests are always welcome.

Cool Improvements:

  • full documentation.
  • support for specifying targets/dependencies as a list.
  • a build-rule abstraction called RuleCloth.
  • improved ninja support.

The Roadmap

  • making the tutorial and high level documentation better.
  • improving the "RuleCloth."
  • adding some preliminary tools for managing data interactions.
  • pypy support (why not?)