Ok, Here I go again. I up and figured out how the new WordPress template system works after months of hemming and hawing. I finally have something that I think I kind of like. Whatever. Uses the awesome graphic that Indi made for us, and I think we have a winner.

Confidential to Chris: You can stop laughing and pointing at me now. Thank You.

So here we are. Enough of this introspective crap about writing. It'll happen. And no more of these 2,000 word posts once a month either.

One thing about writing that I remembered, or at any rate have decided to begin to act on. Is it doesn't matter much what you write, so long as your fingers are making the right motions on the keyboard. Write emails, write blog posts, whatever, just move them fingers, and eventually you'll be forced to get something out of use. I hope at least. In this dirrection, I for one am going to start back up a more strenuous TealArt posting schedule, so get those RSS readers all fired up.

I'm also in the process of trying to revive my Speculative Fiction writer's yahoo group, which is almost five years old and has 233 people. Wow! And I've joined a lace knitters yahoo group which is a lot of fun, and gives me occassiton to muse on lace knitting which I think I will also do here, a fair piece.

Now all I need to do is some how figure out how to inspire TealArt Readers (and that means you) to comment on what we/I write here. It's been a six year battle, maybe this time will be different, because the software actually works reliably. shrug

Anyway, Cheers!