Knitting camp. Where to start.

This is an analogy that will only make sense to the morris dancers in the audience, but it's sort of like an ale, with more yarn and less dancing (of course) and much less singing. It's the lack of singing that I find most disconcerting actually.

This is the session that has history, out of all the sessions of this camp. There are a few people who have been coming for 35 years, and many people who have been coming for way more than 20 years. And that history is something that's really important to a lot of people, and it's cool to see that and be a part of it.

I've been knitting on the latvian dreaming, mostly and I have two other projects lurking around that I will probably work on today. A lot of people come to camp and start new projects and I think that I'm unlikely to do that, because I need closure on my current projects and, I don't have fully formed ideas of what I want to do next, anyway.

I've tried four times to write a paragraph here and I have too much flying through my head to make sense of that so here goes a list:

  • There are so many famous and amazing knitters here. I'm a little star struck, actually. And a couple of times had lengthy discussions with them before I realized that I was talking to someone who's name I had recognized in a book. And then, somewhat after the fact I learned that cookie a was "camp newbie sitting across the table from me." Sigh.
  • On top of all the other interesting discussions last night we had an interesting conversation about social dynamics on the internet and the knitternet.
  • At 9pm last night, I got a pot of hot water and had a caffeine party. It was good stuff. Unlike a Morris Dance Ale, it's all over by midnight, which means it's possible to get an at least passable sleep in, but I needed the extra kick to stay up for that. Because:
  • The drive was intense. Not bad, but long and I really pushed pretty hard. I'll post about the podcasts and other listening materials I went through later...

Anyway I have so much to knit. I'm going to go take a shower and then go down and get started with the day.

Onward and Upward!

(ps. Just a program note/reminder: There's a new critical futures story today. CF, is my daily (science fiction) story blog. I'll blog over the weekend here, and cf will return, as usual on Monday.)