I'm sorry for not posting when I got home or twittering from the road, but I seem to have survived the ordeal of the drive. I did the drive, which is about 520 miles, in almost exactly eight hours. Which means I averaged did the speed limit ;) In any case, I think that was pretty good. In any case, by the time I got home, I was in no shape to do anything except sleep and knit. So I didn't get an entry posted yesterday.

I seem to have gotten unstuck in my knitting by the weekend. Latvian Dreaming has progressed into the gussets, and I expect to start the armholes by this weekend. I hope to post instructions for starting the armholes next week, and the neck shaping options somewhat after that. Also, pictures?

I bought some yarn at camp, mostly schoolhouse press' "Quebecois," enough for two sweaters (in charcoal and navy), and most of the yarn needed for a handdyed and black pullover from Jocelyn's Fiber Farm. Counting my handspun, I do believe that I have what might be known as a stash, at the moment.

I also must confess to having three sweaters in progress/need of finishing. I have the fingering weight grey sweater that I've been working on for years that needs a collar and sleeves (I knit the last saddle/strap at camp), I have the latvian sweater mentioned above, and I have this raglan yoke sweater that I started to knit at camp (but didn't). And five sweaters worth of yarn stashed. I need to keep knitting.

I also got a lot of (friendly) encouragement to work on knitting designing at camp. While I'm wary of this, I'm not going to start another project until I get (more) settled in the routine of daily blogging and regular fiction production for `Critical Futures <http://criticalfutures.com>`_. I sort of thought that the next thing would be a podcast, but maybe it'll be working up and publishing a couple of knitting patterns instead. In any case, I'm not going to add any new commitments before, say Labor day.

Other misc. thoughts:

  • I recommended John Scalzi Old Man's War to someone at camp. I like when geek threads cross.
  • A friend from camp said that he (this narrows down the field of possibility a bit) enjoyed knitting the edging of shawls more than the shawl centers. Given that I feel exactly the opposite, I'm thinking about coming up with some sort of barter agreement. Just the thought of this makes me want to get back into lace knitting, and I have two shawls in progress, and a plan for a third one. We shall see.
  • I will be knitting more. This is a good thing. I have my mojo back.

That's all that's on my mind right now. The rest of the week's posts won't be as consistent as you've grown accustomed to, but there'll be posts, and when things get settled everything will return to normal.