Ok, so maybe this is a poorly titled entry, after all, at least theoretically we can smell stress. Perhaps my obscure allusion to "can't you smell christmas" and the holiday season to the end of semester stress that is so typical to my life it seems is lost.

Actually it's sort of weird. The school I'm at now, started a few weeks before my alma mater typically did (and does), so I've sort of been "off" rhythmically for a lot of the semester. It's of course most profound now, when my body thinks there's another two and a half/three weeks of classes, when there's really just one and a half. And no Alliance wine and cheese party either!

It's finally turning cold for real. I can wear sweaters without getting awkwardly hot midday when it unsuspectingly spikes from a low in the 30s to 65s. Insanity I tell you.

I'm slowly writing new little blurbs to the new TealArt site, and I have an installation of the new CMS that works. Up next: more blurbs, and some design meshing. Nothing big, but it'll probably take some time.

I have two big papers (and two small ones) to write plus my statement of purpose. I have the core of the later done, but it still needs, as smurry so keenly pointed out, to have the soul sucked out of it. The small papers don't worry me, and I'm choosing to view my bigger papers as re-workings of previous papers, though I think at least in one case, I'm so the only one who will see the connections. As it should be I suppose.

Knitting continues abreast. I'm now 6 rounds (of 400 stitches) away from the underarm point on the Morocco sweater--I know I need to get newer pictures of this one up. This leaves me at a bit of a conundrum, with regards to how I'm going to proceed. I've thought for a number of weeks that I'd post a blog poll on the subject, but I think in the interim I've mostly made up my mind. So I'll probably still ask for your opinion, but be warned that I might not listen.

Because moving onto the next stage will require some thinking only a few calculations, I suspect that much of my knitting between the end of the week and December 10th will consist of very simple projects, like hats and what not: I don't know if I'll have the brain energy for anything else.

Speaking of brain energy, I think I'm writing this on brain energy that's already been allotted elsewhere, so I better run before an auditor comes along. Be well, and thanks for reading.

Onward and Upward!