Here is today's entry/breadcrumb of the pattern for the latvian dreaming sweater. IF you want to make the sweater into a cardigan, here's the scoop:

Some of you have asked for or expressed interest in doing this sweater as a cardigan. My last three sweaters have been cardigans, and I'm ready for a change, but these kinds of sweaters make a lot of sense to a lot of people, so don't be discouraged, you can make this sweater as a cardigan.

The main difference here is that you need an extra stitch so that the patterns mirror properly. So that's 345 stitches. There also need to be steeks. I think cardigans work better without ribbing, or if you're going to do ribbing, why not wait till the end: this has to do with steeks and getting all of the end in the right place. So you don't have to, but lets just assume that you do:

Cast on provisionally for 345 stitches, join in the contrasting color, and then using the long tail method cast on an odd number of stitches for a steek, I'm partial to 11 or 13. The first, last, and middle stitches should be in the background color, and the stitches on either side of the middle stitch should be in the foreground color. All other stitches should alternate fore and background colors.

You need the extra stitch because I suspect that you want both front edges to look the same. In a pullover you only want one middle/"turning" stitch, to make the pattern work. In a cardigan you want the middle stitch to be on both the left and right front. You could have the middle stitch on neither the left nor the right, but that seems silly, as typically you want the front of a sweater to be a bit wider than the back (it's one of those anatomical things), and while 1/8th or less of an inch shouldn't matter much, I seem to care about these things.

Then with both colors begin knitting the mirror side of the chart. Establish the pattern on the back the same as you would for a pullover, and end with one repeat of the normal side of the chart. Then continue reading from the chart, flipping back and forth as necessary.

Hope that helps!