In an effort to continue to have a readership here at tychoish, I'm going to post some more knitting pictures from my backlog.

I knit this jacket/coat, a bit more than a year ago. With Patons Classic Wool. It's a 30 inch drop shouldered jacket, two color turkish patterning throughout. The specific pattern, the "Rose" or Gul pattern, is pretty common, and it was a blast to knit... the first hundred times. Actually it was pretty fun to knit.

If I were going to knit it again, I'd do some more shaping to the shoulders. As it is they sag, and even though the sleeves aren't really to big, they feel too big. Also, I'd round the front corners of the neck, and probably add some sort of hem.

Oh and I would recommend anyone attempting to duplicate this feat use yarn that won't pill. Because that's annoying.

And I should mention that I managed to perfectly predict the resurgence of interest in larger/oversized garment shapes. I meant for it to be a coat to be worn over other sweaters and in that it was successful. And although the members of my family vary somewhat in our sizes and dimensions, we have all successfully worn the coat. So go figure.

Here's a somewhat blurry picture. You can see that I'm wearing the sport sweater underneath with now problem:

I've yet to break out any sort of outer garment other than this jacket though. So that's something