tycho discussion of plans for tomorrow, turn to discussion of the weather: but it's going to be fucking cold tomorrow, and I don't want to have to walk 4 blocks in the snow.

C.E: It is going to be bad tomorrow?

tycho: you were the one who was out there today, it was hell.

C.E.: But I think it's going to be like 40, I hear.

tycho outraged that the weather broke: What! G-d! What the hell kind of dumb ass weather is that?


tycho: You know, up north I'd always just dress in the morning for the weather the previous day, and it was almost always right, maybe it'd be a little bit iffy in October and April, but generally, I was ok. Here, since May, it's like the weather is out there to fuck with you. Snow, followed by the fifties. Sixty degree weather alternating with 100 degree weather. I hope someone's amused because I'm not!

Pause. tycho returns to reading his book.