Ok, this is going to be a quick post, I swear.

Truth is I do most of my blogging in TextMate using the amazing blogging bundle. Basically it means that if I use the right template (which looks a lot like an email header, really), I can hit three keys and a few seconds later the post appears here on tychoish.


As part of tycho's great march torwards linux, I'm looking for something to fill this niche in my workflow.

So basically does anyone know of/know how hard it would be to write a script that takes posts written in a specific format (to specify title, categories, tags, etc) and send them via xml-rpc to a given blog.

Command line only is fine/preferable, and really I think the blogging.rb file in the TextMate bundle would probably make for a good core to write a script around, and I'm mostly interested in being able to send posts, editing as I archive posts on my machine, and I don't mind the web interface for editing. Getting the sending done would be mighty nice.

This might make more sense if you've used the blogging bundle, as I think about it. Basically, the files when you pust get a Post: id field, which if you post a file with that ID a second time, is treated as an edit.

So in short:

  • Simple text-based file format.
  • Easy, non-editor specific posting commands.
  • Multiple Blog support (again the TM bundle does this.)

Yeah, that's about it. Thoughts?