I got my iBook almost a day ago, and I feel confidant saying that I'm satisfied with the way it's set up. I've got all the applications that I know I'll never use out of my way, and I've downloaded all of the little must haves. I'm almost giddy to take it to a hotspot to try out the AirPort. I've gotten some other work done today too, and that's mainly the focus of this post, you'll be hearing about this new computer for a little while, but to some it up in a quick phrase: I'm really happy with this, and it just works. It just works!

One of the things on my to-do list was to fix my old computer. I'm sure regular readers are quite familiar with this tale, and I won't bore you with the details. In an unrelated purchase, with my iBook we got a new processor/heat sink for the computer. This would have to fix the computer, there was no way it didn't.

Guess what the next line of this post is. Wait for it. Wait for it.

It didn't work.

Gotcha! In my furry, I swapped the motherboard back, and lo and behold we have a symptom. Now, it turns on for fifteen seconds and then shuts itself off. Bam. Nothing at all other than that. I haven't so much as seen the bios of this computer in six months. So my current theory is to replace the motherboard, on the grounds that it couldn't be anything else. It's not the hard drive, because the hard drive's aren't relevant in the early stage of the boot process, it can't be the processor (unless the old one died, and the new one was DOA, which seems unlikely), it's not the ram, that all checks out, it's not the motherboard unless the old one died and then the new one was DOA), it's not the video card, cause it doesn't get to the video card stage. See where I'm left. There's no other vital system that it could be.

On the other hand, if it is the power supply, I'm going to be really mad, and it'll be pretty easy to build a second computer, given that all the components I have would then be good. If it is the power supply, this would have to officially go down in history as the oddest power supply malfunction in the history of the world ever. Ever.

Cheers, best of luck (to everyone, but I'm needing it, so I figure a karmatic adjustment is in order), and I'll post again soon. Promise.