Days on the waitlist: 2

Current Knitting Progress: Over the half way mark on the sleeve.

I have from time to time suggested that there is a parallel between knitting sweaters and writing novels: they're substantive projects, they are in many ways the perfection of their respective crafts, and it is is my hope that both are able to stand on their own discrete merits. Also, both sweaters and novels--at least in the way that I practice both--are very much the product of several hundred years of traditional development that saw dramatic revision and modernization throughout the 20th century.

It's at this point that I should probably draw an uncomfortable comparison between Elizabeth Zimmerman and someone like Toni Morrison or Kurt Vonnegut, but lets just pass that by.

In any case, finishing this sweater, at the moment, feels a lot like finishing a novel project. In this case, it's taken about as long, and though there are many things that are likely more deserving of my time, I'm looking forward

Conveniently, or not so, I'm battling some sort of perverse left-wrist pain. I think it's computer related, but it's bazaar. It's off-center (pinky side) of the wrist and it's sort of dull. Which is, as far as I can tell, very much not carpal tunnel which is centered and a sharp pain. I think it's computer related (that's why this post comes out so late in the day), knitting stress/pain manifests in the other wrist and is more typically carpal tunnel feeling, but I'm not sure. Sigh In any case, after some convincing, ibuprofen and ice seem to have knocked it out mostly.

In other news, I've realized that my spinning wheel is slated to arrive in two weeks, or so. I'm excited.

If my wrist holds up, I'll be in touch.

Onward and Upward!