"Hey look at that!" he cried out, far too excited for the cereal aisle, if you asked me.

But no one ever did. "What."

"They have cranberry chocolate cereal! And it has flax in it!" Again, too excited.

"Ew? That's gross."

"No we're getting it, we have to!" There were already too many exclamation points in this conversation, but it wasn't quite over. "It even has flax seed!"

"Still gross."

"Still getting it." He said, and placed it firmly in the cart.

"Whatever, I'm getting Cheerios," I say. I put the palatable cereal in the cart, and pray that after thinking of the alternative for all of 3 minutes, that I'll have an appetite for them by the next morning.

The next morning, we each have our own cereal.

The following morning, we both have Cheerios. No one is surprised.

Three days latter. There is most of a box of Cranberry Chocolate Cereal (with Flax Seed!) in the pantry. There is one bowl's worth of Cheerios left.

I think we can all see where this is going.

And I don't need to explain why I had graham crackers for breakfast.