I posted a new story on Critical Futures today. It's another one from the Knowing Mars novella that I wrote a year ago and that I had been posting previously. After a much too long break from posting fiction, I've decided that I have enough brain space to work through some projects there and bring it back to life. While I think my first six months was an unparalleled learning experience, I think a different strategy is in order.

My goal/intention is to slip into a Monday/Thursday schedule, of posting 400-600 words rather than the every work-day of 200-400 words. The word counts are mostly for my own thoughts and less of a hard guideline. It's also helpful, because I think, that even if I run out of my backlog, which seems pretty likely to happen pretty soon. I feel like I could probably write the requisite 800-1200 words on Saturday/Sunday morning along with my non-fiction essays, no matter what my life is looking like. I'm not sure what the future will hold, or what exactly is going to happen with my fiction, but it's going to be there.

One of my background projects, however (and I'll write about the theory here in an essay,) is generate a few "curatorial" pages for critical futures (and I suppose for tychoish as well). Basically I want to give people an easier "in" to the stories that I post on the web. This includes more creative templates and some hand-compiled guide pages, and as websites become home to more and more information my thought is that curation is the only real solution to this, and that, in that, it's really the next big thing for content. But that's another thought for another time...

Check out the new Critical Futures story, "Knowing Mars, ` <http://criticalfutures.com/2009/03/>`_"

Thanks for reading, and do tell your friends/submit fiction if that's your thing.