On Monday, that is next Monday (there! a firm week from now--if slightly relative--commitment) I'm going to start a posting to a new blog. This isn't breaking news to readers of this site as I've been talking about this with some of you for weeks, and mentioning it sporadically on the blog. Let me tell you about the site, and what I intend for it.

The site will be called Critical Futures, and it will be a fiction blog where I (and possibly others) will post a new piece of science fiction every day. Not necessarily, as 365 Tomorrows posts an new independent story every day, but rather a new section or part of an ongoing story. I mean sometimes I might fit a whole story into a single post, but that's not a goal that I'm aiming for as a writer.

ETA: The site isn't, of course, up yet, but you can read the about page if you want a sneak preview. Remember next Monday.

I've really grown to be fond of the regular blogging rhythm, and I think it would be nice to expand that habit into fiction writing. So the prospect of having a regular commitment to write and polish fiction for publication, will be a good thing. Kind of like the 365 projects, only different.

And I've been talking for a long time about a few things for a while: how blogging as a medium has potential for story telling, about how I want to write a story intended for online distribution. So I'm going to do it. Now. Because there's no time like the present, and because I think that the most important thing for me to do right now is to just get content out there, and I think I'm at a point where I'd rather write toward a digital rather than a print audience. All the stars seemed to align, and in these cases I think it's important to seize the moment and get stuff out there. So that's what I'm doing.

So stay tuned. I'll be posting little mini-entries here to announce the stories when they start to go up, and I have an entry for tomorrow that will cover/overview the story projects that I've been working on for the site. I'm really excited about this.