As you might know, for a good deal of my college career I was (one of) the ringleader(s) for our campus queer organization (indeed, between the queer group and the feminist co-op, there was only one semester where I wasn't over involved.)

Anyway, the queer group always had an end of semester bash called wine and cheese. Frankly I'm not sure how we got away with it, I think technically because it was always early in the evening and we had an invite list, rather than just opening the door, everyone just let it be. Anyway. So we had an invite list that we always generated before the party. It was made up of:

  1. People who participated in our events.
  2. Our friends who we wanted to party with.
  3. Professors and advisors who weren't associated with the student-life folks (and thus wouldn't report us.)
  4. Other clubs (like the feminist co-op) that we wanted to support alliances between.
  5. Queers in the community, who might not have come to our events but were at least tangentially supportive, that we wanted to reciprocate the support.
  6. People who had previously been part of our little ring-leading group.
  7. People we had crushes on/people we thought might be queer.

Note that categories 5 and 7 had very little overlap, indeed category 6 had little overlap with any other category.

I dunno, but that strikes me as being pretty darn funny, particularly in retrospect.

By the end of my time at AlmaMater I was pretty happy to be done, and I was more than ready to be done with the ring leading of the queer group. But now, I kinda miss that party, as odd as it always was.