It's been a while since I've written about what I'm working on, so I wanted to write up a little post on the subject. Just to keep myself honest.

  • Last time I did this, I tried to promise myself that I'd get a draft the novel I'm working on done by the beginning of November in time for me to not do the NaNoWriMo project--as is my custom. That isn't going to happen.

    I have, however, begun to stub out three files which will form the core of the remainder of the book. I have the very end of the biggest section of chapter eight, and then four more chapters. The plan is to write what feels more like four short stories with four or five adjoining little scenes. I'm not sure that this will seem all that different from the outside when I'm done, but I think this change in plan will make things easier to write.

    This project is one that I both adore, and am pretty pleased with (at least at the moment,) but I'm also keenly aware that I need to be done with it, and I need to move on, as it's been in progress for more than a year, and none of my reasons for not finishing it yet are very good.

  • I've been slowly working on a knitting project. A sweater knit at a fairly fine gauge, and incredibly plain. I'm happy with the project but I've pretty much given up entirely on Television watching, and as a result haven't found a lot of time to do knitting on a regular basis. I knit during a meeting, and for a few moments here and there during a couple of social interludes, but haven't really gotten into it. It's going well, and I've got about 9 inches done of the body. 7 more till the armhole shaping begins.

  • I'm continuing to do the contra dance and shape note things. I think the shape note experience has been helpful for the way that I understand and participate in music, and that's a good thing indeed. I've picked up a few new contra dance things, though if a given week is busy, contra dancing tends to be the first thing to disappear. I'm okay with that. I've also taken to going for walks in the morning before work, rather than in the evening, which is, I think better for my mind during the day at work, and also for getting work done on projects in the evening.

  • It seems like there's always something else in the project of "getting your technology to work the way it ought to," and as a result it seems like I always have something to hack upon. With my laptop running the right operating system, and doing so pretty well, the list of things to hack on have cleared up significantly. I have a desktop that I'm not using as well as I could. There's always something else to work on with regards to my writing setup, though that's mostly abated for the moment. I really need to find some better way to read RSS feeds. I have some hacking to do with regards to websites. There's always something to work on, I suppose.

Oh, and I'm working a lot, but then that's how it goes. The work projects are actually pretty fun, and they're going well, so that's good. If only there were more hours in the day.