Last night I was someone's date at a dance for one of the largest all boys (catholic) high schools in the area. Apparently it was an historic moment, because there had never been same-sex couples at a school dance before. Well, it went off without a hitch and no one really said or did anything surprising. Some old chaperone guy smiled at me, which I thought was nice of him (though he wasn't a priest, which doesn't mean much, but still).

The music was horrible, but I knew that was a given. The dancing was pretty lame to be honest, I mean a bunch of mostly straight white boys dancing to bad white boy music? Not very cool. Now I don't consider myself much of a specialist in the trends of the popular dance floor, but a gracious appraisal of the floor told me that these people were at least 3 years behind the times. But seriously, I think the worst part about it was that it was so white and not even that everyone in the room was white, but that they were so unabashed about it.

I think I should probably do things like that every now and then so I feel better about my school and the environment there. So go figure.