Ok, my topicality and tagging system hasn't quite readjusted itself, but I have an entry worth posting here. Almost.

I knit a bunch on the Turkish Tile sweater. I'm probably about a pattern repeat away from the beginning f the armholes, which means I've officially broken the back of the body. I am however, going to probably go back to the interminable sleeve knitting once I am to that point, because it's the right thing to do.

I don't quite have the whole thing figured out, I must admit. I've been looking over jared's tomten for inspiration. I want to have a hood on this for some perverse reason, but I can't fathom a way to get it to come out correctly because of the requirement to keep this all in the pattern. Wait. I just did. If all the increasing and decreasing happens next to the steek it should work, though I'm not sure that I could increase enough fast enough, and find a way to get the rear-top of the hood to not be pointy, again while maintaining some semblance of the color pattern.

My current plan for the arms/shoulders is to set them in really deeply, a la the tomten and joyce's olive branch sweater, and do Jennie Bajus' short row shaping in the round, and then continue that decrease down the top of the sleeve. With some short row stuff for 10-20 rows. Even if no one understands this knitting talk, I hope you are at the very least entertained

New Macs are going to be announced in like 20 minutes. Looks like the ultra small laptop is for real. Called the "air."

I'm not yet sure how I feel about this. Questions that remain in my mind:

  • Is it going to run real OS X and not some sort of embedded flavor (likely to be the real thing, but it's a question.)
  • Are we going all the way to flash hard drive and no optical drive, or is this really just a reinvention of the 12 inch ibook/powerbook? (I'm voting on the later; I think there's a production capacity/supply issue with flash memory, and the small laptop is something apple succeeds with, so it's been disheartening that they haven't had something in this space for a while.)

While I'm not in the market for a new computer for myself yet, (talk to me in a few months) I will be ordering an iMac for my mother when the apple store returns this afternoon/evening.

Currently I have a 15 inch PowerBook. And it's my only computer, and I'm likely to be in a situation where my only computer is a laptop for the life of the next computer that I buy. I don' know that I want my entire digital life to be stuck on such a small screen, frankly. I think I could go to 13 inch, but probably not smaller. If the Macbook as we know now it is canceled, I'd consider buying one of the last ones, for this reason...

Anyway, I'll post a recap in a few hours when we know something serious.

So stay tuned...

Onward and Upward!