While I ordered more RAM for my beloved Zoe last week, which should arrive Monday or Tuesday of this week, I've been noticing that Zoe hs been running a bit more slowly than I think I'd like. So finally, yesterday I did some looking around and realized much to my surprise that I only had 500 megs of hard drive space free. Of a total 100 gigs. Well no wonder It was a little slow, and no wonder. So I did some reorganization and coppied a lot of stuff off of the hard drive. I was able to get 12 gigs of content offloaded, and I'm back down to about 9 gigs, but its a much healthier situation. Part of the problem has been that with the release of the new iTunes store, iTunes 7 and iTunes Movies, all the video (including the television) has been re-encoded that's about twice as good (320x240 to 640x480 which is about dvd quality). This somehow means that we're dealing with movies which are a bit less than 4 times as large. Don't ask me I'm not a video or compression expert. That's just one thing that contributed to the issue.

So more RAM will help, as will backing up some of this content, and freeing up space on my hard drive. For what you ask? More content. It's a vicious cycle.

I've started using del.icio.us to catalogue my links. I surf around a lot, and I'm quite pleased with how delicious works, and I've decided to start mirroring my de.icio.us stuff on TealArt. So now, in the sidebar, you'll be able to have a pretty good idea of what kinds of things I've found on my travels. Just check out my del.icio.us page, or see my most recent 20 links on the side bar.

I'm keeping an eye on the tealart tag on del.icio.us so if there's anything you want to share with me (or chris) and any other tealart user/interested individual, just tag something "tealart" when you add it to delicious. Also, if you want to send a link to me, just tag it "for:celchu19" and it'll get sent straight for me. Sweet service if you ask me.

Ok, so there, it just felt like my brain just died, so I'm going to end this post before it gets too much weirder. There's knitting news and academic musings, so maybe we'll balance out the content here in a bit. When I have more to give.

Cheers, sam