Ha. Here's a list because the fact that I can still use words is kind of amazing.

  • I left and drive back across HomeState today. It was an uneventful drive.

  • I listend to the 3 (!) Episodes of FLOSS weekly and 2 Episodes of Cast-On while I drove. This was really good. It's surprising and good how much both of these podcasts really inspire and stretch the brain. Listening to the programers talk about programingy-things streatches my brain. I'm a geek, I know and have come to really enjoy the geekier bounds of everyday computer useage; but, I'm not a programer, and I don't often think in that mode. So, the opportunity to stretch the brain a little, or a lot, is really great. Really great. And Cast-On is delightful, as always.

  • I have a sneaky idea regarding Breakout, regarding my post earlier today about needing to really rethink it. I wrote that yesterday morning, which seems like it was much longer, but the time has been helpful. And we'll see what happens. I'm excited now.

  • I spent much of my morning working on some knitting. I got a lot done, which is good. I however made a crucial error on the final step, and now have to go back. Which will be tedious. I think I shall knit socks for a while. Sorry if, while I'm irritated with this sweater if I don't wax rhapsodic about my knitting. It's better this way.

  • I checked out the always helpful MacRumors Buyers Guide which shows when all of the apple products were last released and what the release history is. Apple's been pretty consistent with the computer that I'm looking to get: revs in late fall, and late spring for the past five years. I'm not desperate enough that I can't wait till the next rev, so I think that's the plan. I think it's a fair bit that the next rev of the laptops will have:

    • LED backlights
    • Multi-Touch Trackpad gestures
    • Better procs

    These are all things that I want, and I can wait a few months. This is just punditry but based on the buyers guide, there might be a late spring mac book pro, before WWDC. Might they release new laptops in February at whatever event the iPhone SDK is released at? Apple punditry is so addictive.

  • I've been working on, with some seriousness, the 14th episode of Station Keeping. Astute readers will discover that season one only had 12 episodes. So work does continue. Ep 14 is a double length one. So posted over two days. This is probably the result of poor planing on my part. Because SK is basically a blog post, I don't really think of it as "writing accomplishment," which is a shame and probably something that I need to adjust. Sigh

  • Oh, and I finally have a nifty idea for a podcast, that I'm going to start work on pronto. I think I need as many good copies of the tune that Peter Bellamy set "The Pilgram's Way," to. I think I might need to barter with our favorite local box player.

Ok, my brain dies of tiredness.

See you on the flip side,