Dear Readers,

I'm--or my alter-ego[^two name]--is going to be at Drupal Camp Chicago on the 24th and 25th of October, baring an unforeseen catastrophe.

So this presents several possibilities:

1. You are already going to Drupal Camp Chicago and want to hang out with me or talk me into presenting something with you. To this, I say rock on.

2. You are or will happen to be in Chicago that weekend and don't give a rats ass about drupal, I'm going to be (hopefully) meeting friends from school on Saturday after the conference and I'd love to have blog people there too.

In addition I'm thinking of proposing a session on Open MicroBlogging and drupal, which I think might be really fun. If you're interested in contributing to this, I'd love help/co-conspirators. And I'm just a guy who thinks this shit is cool.

I'm cross posting this but lets try and coordinate meet-ups and whatnot in the comments thread of the post. You can always email or jabber/xmpp me at Rock On.

[^two name]: I so need to figure out how to have two buttons made/get some sort of official "tycho garen" name tag. Ideas?