I wrote a killer among last weekend, and here we are, on monday night, and I'm absolutely wiped. I think part of the problem is that I basically wiped out my todo list.

while I have a few things to tie up, I don't have any big projects looming, and I think that kind of... pressure is motivating. I think I need to spend some time refreshing: reading, knitting, and outlining and seeing where things end up. So that's what the plan is for the next little while.

This isn't a hiatus anouncement, tychoish will chug along, as it will.

(which reminds me a song that a friend sings, with the line "let the world chug along chug along as it pleases." hmmm, anyway)

Cheers, tycho

ps. on second review, it's a lovely nancy song called "free and easy," and it was totally a different friend that sings it, but still cool.