So, while it might seem like all I do on the interent is write wordy personal narratives or lengthy informal essays, I do in fact visit other websites and participate in other discussions. Here are a few recent tycho sightings and other bits of news (related to this site):

  • Most obviously, we have a new design and a new sub-blog, coda. I initially described it as a long-form twitter site. And it is. Right now there's a syndication feed for coda (and a separate one for just the essays), if this is more your speed. I'm not 100% happy with all of the display options, but this is a good start. I'd really like to know what you think, or if you find any bugs. At the moment I know about the archiving of the coda entries, and the inclusion some pages at the bottom of the coda display on some views. I'm also just assuming that it works on IE, because I don't have access to this browser, help (screenshots?) would be much appreciated.
  • I've been working on updating and cleaning up the static pages of this site to make a little bit more of a website and a little bit less of a plain old blog. This includes a contact page and a page about open source. I also wrote up a "support *critical futures*" page. Working on more...
  • In Rewriting the Bases, Caroline (who calls/links to me as sam because she's that good of a friend) outlines a mostly sarcastic commentary I made on gay male sexuality. I was mostly kidding, but I think it was sort of entertaining. Unfortunately, Caroline has used this as ammunition against my cynicism, making the claim that I do have a heart. Bah! ;)
  • There's been a lot of ongoing debate in the SF blogosphere, about media-tie-in fiction. Like Star Wars and Star Trek books, which I remember fondly, but haven't mustered the will or the time to really get into recently (in part I think, because there's more lower grade stuff/stuff that isn't indented for the audience group I belong to now.) In any case, I commented on this at jonathan Strahan's blog and on the sf signal mind meld.
  • I've started posting a lot of the writing related stuff that I used to post here, over on my sf writing list, which is 8 years old now. Wow! Anyway, its generally sort of an interesting thing, and if you're prone to writing SF
  • I've also started a more concerted effort to return to and become active in the ravelry community. I'd lapsed for a while for a lot of reasons in addition to the great knitting malaise of 08, but also because I wasn't (and am still not) keeping my projects updated, and I don't much knit other people's patterns, and I'm boring/not hip enough in someways, but it's a great community, and it's good for me (and the blog) when I'm more active, so... I'm back.

More news as it develops.