I've written here about my email woes. The 500 megs of archives in plain text format? You know the drill.

I've always been a desktop email client kind of guy. I've used versions 1 and 2 of Apple's Mail.app, and before that I used Outlook when I was a PC user. I like being able to deal with my email when I'm off-line.

For a long time recently, I've been working on streamlining all of my digital things. Fewer pieces, less pack-rat tendencies, better backup, more command-line things, less fuss.

While Mail.app is pretty cool, all things considered, I feel like it could be a bit better. For starters, it's database access is needlessly slow and pokey. Secondly, the procedure needed to change the originating email address is really convoluted, and defeates the nifty "sort by incoming" email address feature that is perhaps Mail.apps strongest feature.

So I downloaded Pine the other day, and while I haven't gotten set up into it (mostly because I don't want to have multiple places checking the same pop account, and would rather wait till I was able to switch to IMAP) I think it's pretty cool.

I do realize that this makes me a really HUGE dweeb.

Other thing for the dweep files. I now have a "google" command line script which makes it even easier and faster to do the google. Sigh.