Days on the Waitlist: 10

I said the other day to a friend that "I thought I had my voice back." This realization, and the opportunity to articulate it was incredibly powerful for me. While I haven't completely returned to normal, I'm getting there, which is kind of nifty, not going to lie.

Yesterday I wrote the begining of a 2,000 word essay/concept paper for a structured hypertext system that I'm trying to get Chris to collaborate with me on. This was the other result of this conversation, and even if nothing comes of this project, I'm pleased that I was able to write something like this. It was the closest I've gotten to writing a real academic-ish essay in months.

It's not perfect, it needs a good once over, and I realize that the ending is lacking, but it's something. That felt really good.

I also, went through the rest of the first chapter of Knowing Mars, the novella from last fall, and have some better ideas about how to procede with this project. I think I've been stalled for a while, because I know that I need to further develop the antagonist, and I've been attempting to do this edit by hand with a pen and a print out, which is less than desirable, I think.

In any case, I need to get a draft of this project done that I can be happy with so that something can be done with it. This weighs heavily on me, and on my list of current projects as I think about the near future. I think having a written project that I can be happy with will let me feel much more secure about whatever happens with the waitlist.

And I need to keep writing, of course. It's hard as hell to write when you feel like crap and--at least for me--it helps like the world to do so. Alas.

So I'm going to get going, but thanks for listening.

Onward and Upward!