Ok, so back from Geek Talk, here's an update on my knitting.

For the last month or so of this summer, I've taken a somewhat uncharacteristic--for me--approach to my knitting project choices. While I sometimes have little bit projects that hardly count as projects at all (hats, a sock, a simpler sweater, etc.) most of my knitting energy is dedicated to a single somewhat complicated desgin. These days, I concentrate on making stranded color-work ganseys of one type or another, but I've also done lace work or even interesting mostly plain sweaters. These are my real projects, and I can finish one of these projects, in about 2 months, or less, depending on the complexity and other factors. As the summer's drawn to a close (and it's gotten hot), I've adopted a new strategy: I've begun planning out and getting a head start of projects.

I hate starting new projects. There's something of a crash from the high that comes from compleating a project, when you realize that you have to choose a new pattern, and set to work casting on (a pain, generally) and memorizing a new pattern. So I've gotten head starts on a number of projects.

I have two sweaters, Faroe (take 2), which is at the begining of the gussets, and the Turkish coat which is 8-9 inches long at the moment I'm also about 12-13 inches into a sweater knit out of my own homespun, and I have 2 "year" projects (big, projects on small yarn and needles which I expect to come and go from, and which like small projects don't really count as projects.) That in combinition with sock knitting (what I've actually been working on giving the heat, and that's about it.

When I drive north and the weather breaks I'll get back into a more "normal" pattern of knitting. But until then, this is about all I have for you. :)

Happy Knitting!