Act One: Personality

tycho describes to professor one of the reasons why he didn't get into graduate school last year: ... and I applied to personality programs as well ...

professor: Oh that's a bad idea, there are like no jobs in personality. (professor turns to computer and does a search on a higher-ed-jobs site to prove point).

Act Two: Flats

  • Time: 5:00 Correspondent K. calls and says, "I have a flat tire, so I might be a bit late, but everything's ok."
  • Time: 5:15 Correspondent E. and tycho exchange car keys so that the household will be able to fufill all evening commitments in the event of "everything" not being ok.
  • Time: 5:30 Correspondent K. calls and requests roadside assistance, not, as logic would suggest from the department of transportation or the american automobile association (AAA), but rather from Correspondent E; and unsurprisingly tycho.
  • Time: 5:31 tycho, and Correspondent E. gather belongings and winter weather gear and rush out the door.
  • Time: 5:45 Correspondent E successfully navigates to the site of the repair in progress. tycho notes that the car does not even look to be elevated.
  • Time: 5:46 tycho and C.E. descend upon the scene and discover that the car is indeed jacked, but also find C.K. continuing to unscrew the hubcap.
  • Time: 5:47 tycho and C.E. relieve C.K. of responsibility in this matter, and admire how shredded the tire became during the 3 mile drive, at no more than 25 mph.
  • Time: 5:55 tycho drives away in the newly repaired car, while C.'s E. & K. continue on with evening as plan, only slightly colder than they had indented.

Act Three: Thanks

tycho walks into house at about 6:02pm

cellphone rings obnoxiously. tycho answers: yes?

Correspondent K: Good, you're home.

tycho: silent stare

Correspondent K: I just wanted to make sure you made it home safe.

tycho remains silent.

Correspondent K: you did something nice for me, I just wanted to check in on you.

tycho wryly: And this is the thanks I get?