• My comptuer was anoying all morning. On the upside I now have a new torchwood episode to watch.
  • Dose anyone else know if XTorrent is particularly unstable on PowerPCs? Because it's comically bad on my computer. I know there are other programs that I could use, my logic in using this one isn't good admittedly. Just wondering.
  • I did some playing around with R last night. I like it. I'm not sure if my failure to grok properly is the result of having a pretty elementary understanding of statistics, or the fact that I have a pretty elementary understanding of programing. Or the fact that, by all accounts the documentation seeems to be written by a non-native speaker, which might be complicating problems 1 and 2. But it's very cool, and I sort of get it.
  • I'm thinking of running some sort of basic study this spring/summer on my own using some publicly available content as data. Like newsgroup postings or some such. With the hopes of being able to understand these tools in time for next year, and hopefully I'll get something good out of it.
  • My turn to looking at these statistics programs and what not, I've gotten back to reading about object oriented programing and smalltalk, as it's at least a little relevant, which I enjoy because it inspires a way of logical thinking which I don't get to spend very much time in. And that's inspiring in it's own way.
  • Not much knitting or writing news, alas. Still haven't written the sleeve, and I had work and dancing last night and I have something this morning before work, so not much opportunity there, and I've spent what time I have writing this note to you. ;)
  • No grad school news.

Onward and Upward!