No secret, I've been stressed. Readers of the blog who are friends with my parents (Hi Angie!) have even told them "wow, [tycho] looks stressed." One of the things I've been doing for a few weeks now, in part to manage this is to begin some sort of exercise regimen. There's a park not far from where I live, and I've taken to going out for an hour in the late afternoon, when my brain is tired and I can't really write anyway.

Amazingly, it's been a great thing. Exercise helps the mood, I had enough psychology to know that to be true, and one thing that I've lamented, since I stopped commuting, is that I haven't really listened to podcasts in any concerted way. I'm incredibly behind as a result, and the walks, including doing good things for my mood and stamina, have been a good excuse to spend some item consuming media that I find very refreshing and informing.

Exercise is a tough things, I'm a skinny, reasonably active guy, but I tend towards short bursts, rather than concerted activity. Which is fine, but dance weekends are really tough on me, as I wear out too quickly. One really needs to be in shape in order to dance well, but I've found that it's hard to get in shape only by dancing. So making a point of going out is a good thing indeed, and I feel better. So there.