One of the ideas that I'm playing around with in the new project is an "exodus from Earth," where our people will be through the course of the long [1] story, will be leaving earth and our solar system for more hospitable places.

This ties in with some of the ideas that I was playing with in the last post, in that I think this presents an interesting perspective to talk about some cool issues, even if I don't think it's particularly likely that there's going to be a human exodus from our solar system in the next 500 years.

Also, I think it creates a space where I can take a couple of core cyberpunk ideas and get away writing a lot of very cyberpunk-ish things that if I were writing them straight on, I don't think I could get away with. If I was writing a story set in the present/near future that had the sort of bleak settings and hypertechnologized environments, I don't think it would fly, but in the context of an exodus from this solar system? It makes more sense. At least to me, and I'm the one who matters at this point.

That's all for now. I should point out that I've finally made the transition to life as an IMAP mail user, and will hopefully now be less tethered to my specific instance of computer. We shall see...

Cheers, sam

[1]I'm using the term "long" in the same sense as the "long 18th century," rather than the sense that implies the story will be a lengthy narrative. It covers a lot of ground, but needn't take a lot of time if done correctly.