In addition to getting word of the rejection from WesternState, I also got a form letter rejection from TopChoiceSchool this weekend. The total result: "wow, lets not have a weekend like that for a while, alright folks?"

I think that the rejection from WesternState hurt so much, in part because I had an extensive interview with them and it seemed so certain. As a result, where most rejections are easily interpreted as "not enough room, and there are other people who are better suited," this one was very much felt like, "sorry, you're not right for this kind of program and we wish you well." I didn't loose a competition to other people, so much as I failed to impress.

The issue is that--and this shouldn't be surprising to anyone--I'm not a very quantitatively minded fellow. But I'm interested in issues that are best addressed by a very quant-ish discipline. But I'm really not opposed to quant work, and in fact sort of enjoy it. The issue in the rejection was that I wasn't a good fit for a "traditional quantitative program." Frankly I think I was probably too queer for them, though that's difficult to suss out.

Though this has all left me pretty angry, the truth is that I was never very wild about the prospect of WesternState, so while rejection--particularly this one--sucks, it's probably not the worst thing in the world. What it does mean, is that I'm more precariously concentrating on my one remaining program, which is probably a pretty good option for me (and it's very qualitative and post-structuralist which makes me quite happy.)

I'm also percolating on other options, of course, nothing quite concrete yet. I'm thinking about spending some time trying to do something like tech-writing, or systems administration, or user interface research/design in a city nearer to a group of friends (philly?). If I apply again (in maybe 2 years?) I'll probably try for feminist studies, and there's an anthropologist at NYU that would be really great to work with. Who knows. Hopefully this will be moot in a few days.

I have a couple of quick news items, in case I don't get around to posting again.

  • I've started a new sweater. Well, just the first sleeve, for entertainment until the yarn necessary to finish the last sleeve of my sweater. But I've done all the pattern development and centering and what not, and I must say that I really like it.
  • When ordered the extra skein for the in-progres sweater, I bought yarn for a new sweater, and it is my intention to knit this sweater as a sort of performance piece with you all. I'll post the chart, instructions on getting the yarn, and doing substitution, and then I'll write instructions and design process stuff as it happens, and we can all fallow along.
  • My "s" key on the computer is on the fritz. It's not too bad, but minnorly annoying.

Anyway, Onward and Upward!