Ok, so. I've decided to create a list, in some order of importance of features that I'd like in an email application. Note that I run OS X, and I'm not using Leopard yet, but I will be at some point. Suggestions are always welcome:

1. This needs to be a program that runs on my computer, downloads the emails and then lets me view them. I cannot work with web mail, nor do I have any desire to. I'm off the grid just enough to want to be able to have access to my email without needing to be in a web browser, or a live connection. 2. Ability to use any editor software. Ok, I want to be able to compose email using the TextMate system. I'd also like to use vim/gvim if I should ever learn how to use one of those programs. 3. I need IMAP syncing support, and at least potentially the ability to receive mail from a couple of different sources. 4. Software needs to work fast. I get a lot of email, and need to be able to read and process it quickly. 5. I need to be able to deal with multiple folders of email. 6. I'd like to store emails in mbox format, or at least have easy export to mbox format, I'd like the files to at least potentially make sense independent of the reader, and I think Maildir is kinda lame. 7. I need to be able to install it and get it working without much fuss. I'm good with computers and I'm good with a command-line, but too much fuss and my brain can't cope. 8. Software must tie in with the system address book system. It's just easier that way, I think. Thoughts?