I still haven't heard anything. I really do get palpitations everytime the phone rings. I'll post something the instant that I get word. Sorry that there wasn't a post yesterday.

In the mean time I've been watching the Tales of the City mini-series'. (And kniting on a never ending sleeve.)

I really like the Tales' story. I've only read the books once, in short order. I'd read them again except there are six--seven now--and well, when you pick one up, you basically have to finish it. My mother reports the same problem: apparently she started reading one when I was little, and lost a day.

I remember sitting down with a stack of them next to a chair when I was staying with my grandmother when I was probably fifteen, and I read all six books in like 4 or five days, and I don't think I moved much.

The television show is similar.

There's something about the pacing that I think is really appealing. I mean the characters are perfectly constructed, but I think fundamentally, my love of the stories has to do with the pacing, which comes from it's origins as a newspaper serial. So each of the chapters/interludes is around 1000 words (800-ish?) and is so complete and rich. There's something so perfect about these books for me.

The first time I watched these events unfold, I of course didn't know what was going to happen, so I fell for a character that ends up being an ass, I got wrapped up in (one of) the great love stories, which ends in the most tragic way. Or, not really, but it feels like that. And in a certain way, it feels hard to watch friends make the same mistakes all over again.

Anyway, I'm well, and with luck I'll still have my mind when this is over.

Regards, tycho