I--after 3 hours of binding off a hem--am done with the knitting of the Turkish tile sweater. I've even sown up the hem across the back of the neck and the bottom edge (probably a large share of the sewing). This means that the sweater is almost done. Almost.

While there are ways to knit hems into sweaters "as you go," to avoid massive amounts of sewing later, I've found that the end result is slightly less desirable. At least as far as I've been able to accomplish it. So I don't mind this sweater.

I steamed the sweater a bit last night before going to bed, and I think this has helped my opinion of the sweater a great deal. It's still not perfect, but I hope that by sewing down the hem I'll start to feel better about the sweater. Here are my concerns:

  • It's a cardigan and I always screw up cardigans. they never seem to hang right somehow.
  • ...this is compounded by the fact that I don't really think I look good in cardigans, and don't have a real objection to pullovers.
  • The back of the neck is shaped too low, and the shoulder shaping--that I felt very proud of when I was doing it--aggravates this problem.

I think I have about two hours of sewing up left to do, and I want to sew clasps on, before I have time to doubt myself in this regard. I'm also thinking of adding a hood to this sweater, which might help correct this issue.

That's all for now. You know the drill.