So. There's an ice storm. And there aren't flights going out of the airport, on any airline, that could get me where I want to go before mid-Saturday morning. Which would defeat the whole purpose of going. Given that I leave Saturday evening.

So here I am. What can be done over the phone will be, and everyone seems pretty encouraging, so I'm not terribly distraught over this.

Anyway, Here's my post from this morning/afternoon as I was sitting at the gate waiting for the plane to not show up!

Hey friends in blogland. (This is being posted after words, when free Internet is available.)

Expect many short updates as I have time.

I have arrived at the gate, and security was a huge non issue. No one balked at my fountain pen, which I wasn't really expecting anyway. It took all of 30 minutes from dropping off-to the gate, including a bathroom break and walk. Not bad.

I was however, on the verge of vomiting as we neared the airport. Now that all of the annoying airport things are coped with I'm ok. I do sort of wish that I had a longer battery leash. There's a guy hogging the plug next to me. Sigh.

In my must occupy myself mood earlier I tracked down a video of danah boyd speaking on you tube. Here it is:

I really like her and what she has to say, and I think in a lot of interesting ways, we over lap, or will, assuming the next few days goes over well. Which it will.

I'm going to go listen to escape pod and tor podcasts and have fun with that. Save the battery for when it really matters.

Warmest regards,


(Onward and Upward!--literally ;))