Ok, I was crusing around raverly avoiding my writing and sipping my tea, and I've found something `amazing <http://gansey.blogspot.com/>`_

This blog, called "A Fisherman Knits" is a guy (Aaron) whose really interested in traditional fisherman's sweaters (ganseys or guernsey) and his blog is brilliance as it reports on various attempts to knit these really stellar garments, and its all very systematic and brilliant.

He knits using long double points that he makes himself (I must learn how to do this. there's a pair of steel 5/5.25 inch needles in my future for socks, and maybe some 12 inch needles for a sweater) and I think there's wisdom in this method.

Also interestingly he reports that he can wear these sweaters when it's in the mid 60s comfortably (!) I always feel like my sweaters are too warm if it's in the high fifties, so that's something that i have to investigate.

Anyway, go forth and read.

Periscope down!