I'm breaking the rule of one subject per post a bit, but I have a few things to point out:

  • On Friday, 8 July 2005, I posted three times. Now in fairness, one of these posts was before I went to bed on thursday in the wee hours of Friday Morning, nevertheless it is important to note that the world did don't come to an end.
  • I finished the sweater I was working on. The wonky dye-lot didn't seem to affect it terribly, but I'm still going to have to have a word with the maker because it's sort of inexcusable to buy 5 skeins of the same dye lot and find them radically different from each other half way through the body of a sweater. I'll report more on this in a bit. I'm going to write up the pattern so there will be notes.
  • I decided on the Webs option for the yarn. It seems webs is having a sale now, so most of the yarn I want was marked NFD (no further discount) and was therefore not subject to the "orders over 60 USD get an automatic 20% off). This didn't deter me from getting several projects of yarn.
  • I have started to knit socks while I wait for this yarn to come in. Wow. I like making socks, it's just, I think I need to stick to worsted weight socks from here on out, because the fingering and sport ones are just too much for me.
  • I think I've figured out a way to knit set-in sleeves as in the EPS seamless yoke manner. News forthcoming.
  • Yes I am obsessed with knitting. No it isn't all I think about. Yes I may in-fact post about something else one of these days.

Thats all folks.