I didn't bring knitting for class today. I think this might prove to be a problem for me, but it's only a couple of hours, and my battery should hold out for that long, so it's probably not a huge issue.

In other news, I had an attempt to get a blogging set up through TextMate, but have had less than satisfactory experiences with the options there. My issue is that I'm quite spoiled by the wonderfulness that is Mars-Edit (yes, it is old software, but it just works, which is nice), and anything that doesn't quite measure up is somewhat painful. While I'm always a little peeved when I have to click "edit in external editor" or ⌘-J, it's better than nothing, I suspect.

Maybe if I could figure out how to make a TextMate command that would send a file to MarsEdit, this would make the workflow a bit better for me. Ideas folks?

I posted something on the 43folders board, about reorganizing and keeping track of my massive (seemingly, massive at any rate) PDF collection. With a little more thought on the subject, I'm thinking that perhaps it would be a good idea to use something like BibDesk, but I'm far from decided on this fact. The first time I looked at this problem, I hadn't made the leap to LaTeX and I didn't really know what to make of it, but I think I'm probably in better shape these days.

I'll be in class and then on the road for the rest of the day, so updates will be spare, this weekend will probably be pretty spare as well, but I might figure out a way to post pictures from a trip to yarn barn. Maybe.