In my last knitting post, I complained about how much I really didn't like having a project to knit on, and was at a loss of what to start next. Well, that hasn't changed, but I feel less like I need to cast on for the next awesome project. In the past few days, I've made 3 or 4 scarves. This brings the grand total to 6. There's another one on the needles. I have yarn for another one or two in my knitting bowl. I'm working on the felted vest, and making respectable progress on that project. I might get to the steeks before I go to school. I'm not finding that very relaxing at the moment, so it isn't my "primary" project. Not that I have a primary project at this point. I'll probably cast on for the next shawl and pick out a few simple lace patterns for that sometime soon, but I don't feel like I have to do that. I think the frenzied phase I was in a few days ago.

I just realized that this is the first time in, oh, two years that I haven't been actually enrolled in some sort of academic program. I did nothing except write, after my sophomore year of High School, after junior year, I had a bunch of IB stuff to do, which really killed that summer. For most of this summer, I've been in a gender studies class. This is a really weird feeling, and given that I have a few days left of summer before I have to get ready to move, and then move and start the whole process over again. Like I said, the last time I was in this situation, I wrote the first half of a book. That was a whole summer; this is somewhat less than that.

Its just really weird not to be in some sort of frenzied state, to not have anything hanging over my head. I mean the moving away thing is sort of hanging over my head, but it's completely different from the "write this paper" hanging over my head. Anyway, that's where I am.