I got the chance to do some writing today at work. While the station keeping season finale isn't done, and that's ok, and I do have a little bit of revising to do on a couple of episodes, I think I'm pretty much done with this first season. Which rocks something fierce.

I'm busy transcribing my notes for season three into the new moleskine from the various bits of paper they were on. This of course means that I'm using a paper notebook more. This one's a reporter notebook and I like it, but I'm starting to think that the book with lines option isn't/wasn't that bad, but I think that's just nostalgia. Part of my problem with it, seems to have been the ink, which I loved dearly, but wasn't fast enough drying. sigh

I think I need to write an essay about pipes and writing, and how it's important to keep projects in all stages of development and production, otherwise you get hung up in one stage and can theoretically finish something and not have anything to do with various kinds of momentum, which is a terrible thing.

we'll be in touch!