While I don't think I've been any more productive in the second half of the week as I was in the first half, I don't feel as bad about that. Somehow.

Things are continuing to progress without much news. A quick (I hope) run down:

I haven't really knit very much and I haven't made a subversion commit in days which is a symbol of minimal acomplishment. I've been working which is cool. It's becoming apparent that I need to start looking for a job, and current yarn store gig looks like it might switch to a one-day a week plus weekends, gig. A few things are pinned on graduate school acceptance. If it happens, g-d willing then I think I have a day job lined up for the summer. If it doesn't, well, drawing board.

In other news, I think I'm nearing compleation on the sleeve that I've been working on a lot this week. I'm probably... an inch and a half from being I can't tell. When I hold it up to my body, it looks like 1.5 inches. When I lay it out on the floor against other sweaters I--variously--find that I need to need 4.5-6 more inches.This is complicated by the fact that the neck steek hasn't been cut. and the sweater won't lay right as a result.

I'm worried if I have to knit more than say 2 more inches that the sleeve is going to be too narrow. Which is like my biggest fear in sweater knitting. My thought is that I'm going to spend some time this weekend (after the next inch and a half) knitting the hem and edge of the sweater so that I can try it on and settle this debate for once and for all.

In other news. Not much. I'll be in touch this weekend, I promise.

Cheers, tycho...

Onward and Upward!