This isn't the personal update that I promised, that's still forthcoming. Right now I have a real short little ditty that I need to post.

On March 29th at 12:50 CST while listening to Silly Wizard's version of Andy M. Stewert's "The Queen of Argyll" on constant repeat for sevral hours, after returning from the Tioniol (Mississippi River Celtic Music Festival) Friday Night Celidh (At the St. Louis Brewery and Taproom) with music by Bohola) I completed the very first first draft of Circle Games. My Novel.

Statistics: 100,732 words 454 Pages 23 Chapters + a Prologue and an Epilogue 1.36 megabyte MS Word XP file 9 months of work.

Never before have I looked forward to revisions, like I'm looking forward to them now. I want to get through this, I've gotten past a really difficult first step, one that I don't know if I ever though I'd be able to really pass, and now I'm there and its done. I feel like it's all down hill from here.

I've decided to work on a collection of short fiction this summer rather than another novel. I want to get a piece in the Blithe House Quarterly, and I want to get stuff for The Fray, among other things, but I also want to have a good body of work. I'll also be working on revisions. Goggle anything that I didn't put a link on, sorry, I'm about to try to sleep though I'm really excited. Cheers!