...because I am apparently incapable of forming coherent paragraphs, or posts that stay on one topic:

  • There are 6 official students in my sweater class. I've given two lessons to someone who promises to be a 7th (this person's 2nd project promises to be a sweater. go her!) There is the possibility of a 8th, and possibly an 9th, so we'll see.
  • My parents are out eating which means that I'm not buying plane tickets to go to WesternState. I have to say that buying plane tickets and air flight freaks me the hell out. Not the actual act of flying, because that doesn't bug me, but the planning associated with buying plane tickets. Ugg.
  • I cleaned my office, which is a very good thing. Happiness! There's more to do in my space, but...
  • Poor tea intake today. Suck
  • I'm pretty certain that I'm going to drop this class.
  • I'm kind of pissed about this because I totally was trying to do something like that, and largely still am. I'm not really pissed.
  • I'm beginning to start thinking more seriously about work and job things. As part of this project, I think it would be good to set up a target income and budget and all of those good things. So I can look at finding freelance work to supplement the work at the knit shop. I just don't know where to start, and abstracts of "a job, to make more money" doesn't seem to be helpful in either: a) actually finding a job or b) promoting my sanity. What's the good of getting into grad school if I have a psychotic break while I'm waiting?
  • I'm going to do some ipod syncing and movie syncing because think I need to concentrate a bit on my knitting. Knitting is important to me and I want to do more of this work.
  • I feel like that song in Avenue Q (I've only heard the sound track) about not having a purpose. I'm too young for this kind of existential angst. Though, I think like maggie may I've been having a midlife crisis since my 12th birthday, or there abouts.

tycho out.

Onward and Upward!