I have returned from a really quite amazing morris dance ale, that is an annual gathering of morris dancers that I've been going to every year for the past 7 years. Wow.

I think I survived this one in better shape that I have the past few ones. I'm in slightly better shape. I'm utterly comfortable in these situations. The organization of the event was a) not my responsibility, and b) amazing. Everything worked and worked perfectly, and I had a blast.

Having said that, I don't have much of a voice left from too much singing, but also probably most importantly calling dances, and I have a bum knee. [1]

I also have a lot of really great stories, snippets, and memories that I want to collect in a longer post, as I remember and collect them. Keep your eyes peeled.

I also got a call back about what would be an ideal job. Day long interview next week. Rock. More details as they prevail. I've got slacks and a good jacket. I'm debating a tie. This would be really good.

Stay tuned. Regular posting resumes soon.

[1]In an effort to spare some of the details, we were practicing last wednesday and another dancer dogged left as I was trying to pass her by the left. End I fell on my knee. It didn't hurt too bad at the time, and was just a nag by friday. I mostly danced without knee braces this year--which I attribute to newer shoes and orthotics--but this injury related issue continues to linger, of course complicated by the many hours of exuberant dancing. But I'm icing and wearing a knee brace and I think in a few days it should be healed.