Things continue apace. That's such a cool word. Apace. Hmm.

Anyway, I'm still working on the latvian table cloth sweater, I've got enough done thus-far to realize that I'm going to be able to omit 2 full pattern repeats and still have a 30 inch sweater/jacket. Isn't knitting amazing. I haven't yet figured out how exactly I'm going to master the shoulder/neck saddle things, but there is time yet. It measures 14 inches at the moment. I'll take pictures at some point, I hope.

GRE stuff continues as well, and I'm only mildly freaked out about this, which is probably the right way to be.

I'm working in the yarn store today but not again till Tuesday. I didn't work yesterday, but I was at the store for several hours hanging out and knitting with a friend and I also taught a lesson to a great new knitter who knitted perfectly, save for two twisted stitches that might have been my fault anyway. Amazing!

I'll be in touch, particularly after I have time to breathe again.