I'm going to offer the readers of my site the benefit of the doubt and assume that you all probably know that sex and gender are very different concepts, and this entry is just a short little thing that will outline why it's probably a good idea to not use these interchangeably.

Sex refers to any of the characteristics, roles, and identities related to bodily function; while, gender refers to the sociologically and psychologically constructed roles and identities associated with masculinity and femininity. Gender is dependent on culture.

Both sex an gender are incredibly complex constructions, that need not be simplified to be understood. There are as many sexes and genders as there are individuals on this planet. And yes, this goes all the way back to biology. There are a multitude of biological sexes.

Not the same thing. Neither are binary. Not something you can easily quantify. I realize that the preceding paragraph makes forming a methodological approach very difficult. I'm still looking for answers to this question. I do know that the dualistic way that all of psychology articles I'm reading this week don't approach this issue from the right place.

You may ask: "Aren't blogs supposed to be an account of one's lives, thoughts, and reactions to the world as they happen?" (more or less, accounting for a reasonable publishing delay). The answer is yes.

So, I bet you all are like, wow, what the hell does this guy do in his free time. Doesn't he have a life that's worth talking about. He's 18, almost done with his first semester of college, at a wacky liberal arts school, and all he writes about are approaches to talking about gender and other wacked things.

Well, honest to god, this is what's running through my head a lot.