I made another Go(lang) thing. Grip is a set of logging tools modeled on Go's standard logging system, with some additional (related) features, including:

  • level-based logging, with the ability to set a minimum threshold to exclude log messages based on priority (i.e. debugging.)
  • Error capture/logging, to log Go error objects.
  • Error aggregation, in continue-on-error situations, where you want to perform a bunch of operations and then return any errors if any of them returned an error but don't want to return an error after the first operation fails.
  • Logging to the systemd journal with fallback to standard library logging to standard output.

There are helper functions for logging using different kinds of default string formatting, as well as functions that take error objects, and a "lazy" logging method that take a simple interface for building log messages at log-time rather than at operation time.

None of these features are terribly exciting, and the systemd library wraps the systemd library from CoreOS. I'm a big fan of log levels and priority filtering, so it's nice to have a tool for that.

In the future, I'd like to add more generic syslog support if that's useful, and potentially tools for better categorical logging. There's also a good deal of repeated code and it might be nice to us this as an excuse to write a code-generator using go tool.

Pull requests and feedback are, of course, welcome.