This is an awful pun, but I've recently written the following script to help with some of the work of back-porting patch sets to maintenance branches. Basically you pass it a bunch of commit identifiers and it cherry picks them all in order.


import os import sys import subprocess

for commit in sys.argv[1:]: with open(os.devnull, "w") as fnull: ['git', 'cherry-pick', commit ], stdout=fnull, stderr=fnull )

What I'd been doing, previously is assembling commit hashes in an emacs buffer, and then copy-pasting git cherry-pick before each line and then pasting those lines into the shell and hoping nothing goes wrong. The script isn't much better but it's a start.

To use, save in a file named git-raspberry in your $PATH, chmod +x the file, and then just run "git raspberry". Turns out git runs any program in the path that starts with git- as a sub command.

The more you know.