I think I took away my own thunder last friday when I posted news of the Station Keeping Twiter log. I'm posting little updates from Hanm Center and other assorted Station Keeping related notes, it's been fun and I'd like to welcome all who've come to TealArt from twitter, and invite all of you to visit either the Hanm or my own twitter account.

This week is pretty exciting for me right now. I'm going to be in town for the whole week, with none of this running about. While I had a slow output week last week, I think I've recovered a lot of the creative juice and I'm starting to write (and plan to write) more. This is a good thing. A very good thing. I had burned through the backlog pretty severely, and while having that backlog is good for cushioning the give and take of every day life, I feel better when I can write more: writing is like any other kind of exercise, it takes stamina and practice, and unless I have the chance to write, I get rusty and it gets hard to write. So it's good that I'm doing better.

I have a great `Station Keeping <http://tychoish.com/hanm>`_ for you this week. We get to meet a couple more characters, and that should be fun. I realized last week, rather late in the game that the SK portal was broken. I've remedied the situation, so hopefully that will make it easier for you all to stay caught up with the series. As always, I'm interested in expanding the SK team. Please contact me!

Later today, I'll have a post together about a sweater I recently finished. With a picture! It'll be awesome.

In terms of other content? There'll be a Deleuze piece, of course. Having summarized the best parts of the first ~150 pages of the book in 3 posts, we're on to territory that's new to me and that I haven't had the opportunity to stew over for months. I think, ultimately this is a good thing for these pieces. At the same time, I realized last week that If I read a "chapter" a week, I'll be done with the second part by the end of the summer. No promises, but I think I'll take a break from that with something else.

There'll be other posts, of course. I'm trying to figure out a way to talk about the things I'm reading in a way that isn't completely inane, but we'll have to wait and see.

I'll see you all around.

Cheers, tycho