So as I was driving back from a visit with the family, (we arrived safely, and the trip was without incident) I was listening to old Boing Boing Boing pod casts, because I'm a dork.

Anyway, I listened to an old one from right before Google bought YouTube, when everyone was like "no, no, no, that couldn't ever happen, what's in it for google?"

Despite my sometimes love for YouTube, I think that question remains a useful one. Though we've accepted the buyout as fact, I for one still don't see much in it for google. But then I'm just enjoying people making videos of their cat, and don't really care that much about google, so whatever.


I think it will soon be time for me to go to bed. I have tomorrow off, it being a holiday (I realized that for the past three years I haven't gotten bank holidays off, because I went to a private school that didn't cancel classes on bank holidays.) So I get another day of writing and other good things. Not that I have a job, so its kind of moot anyway, but still...